EMG Super 77 Pickup Set - Zebra - Open Box

Product Code: SUPER77SETZEBRA/00231

EMG Super 77 Pickup Set

Condition: This Super 77 set is in excellent shape. Never been installed.

The Super 77 Set is a member of the EMG Retro Active series, inspired by the varied guitar tones created in the 70s. It features a newly designed plug-on preamp and classic open coil look, and you'll get the response of a traditional humbucker with the benefit of a noise-free, low impedance output. The Super 77 set can clean up with simple volume adjustments and soft picking dynamics, while aggressive playing and more output will produce a dirtier sound - it's up to you! Great for any genre/style and easy to install with a solderless plug & play design, this versatile pickup set is ready to blow your mind.

Features & Technical Specs:

  • Pickup Style: Humbucker
  • Position: Bridge & Neck (Set)
  • Color: Zebra
  • String Spacing: Standard
  • Shaft Length: Short (10mm)
  • Magnet Type: Ceramic
  • Included In Box:
    • 2 x 25K volume pot
    • 2 x 25K tone pot
    • 1 x battery bus
    • 1 x stereo output jack
    • 1 x two pickup in/out bus
    • 2 x pair mounting screws and springs
    • 2 x pickup cables
    • 4 x connect cables
    • 1 x output cable
    • 1 x battery cable
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