CAD Audio Stagepass 1200 Wireless Handheld Mic System

Product Code: Stagepass1200

Use the CAD Audio Stagepass 1200 for amazing wireless performance. Experience outstanding connectivity and great sounds with your CAD Stagepass.

Features & Technical Specs:

  • VHF Channelization for increased operating range
  • Diversity Operation to minimize multipath interference
  • 16 Channel Agility for frequency plan flexibility
  • Scan-Link™ technology for instantaneous and automatic channel configuration
    • First, the receiver conducts an environmental frequency evaluation then selects a channel.
    • Second, the receiver links to the transmitter and sets the transmit frequency automatically
    • Double AA batteries with >10hrs of battery life
    • Transmitters have soft touch On & Mute switches with multi-color LED indicators.
    • Metal Chassis for a durable and formidable shielded enclosure
    • ¼” and XLR outputs for maximum flexibility
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