Reverend Guitars

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Reverend Guitars really are that cool

You need one (Well, at least one!) Reverend Guitar...

How much cooler can Reverend guitars be? That will be up to the great people at Reverend...but we can't think of any way at all. Riff City Guitar is highly committed to stocking a huge profile of these beautiful guitars.

Designed by Joe Naylor, a luthier wiz-kid in a grown-ups body. Reverend Guitars begin with quality workmanship and are inspected by a team of perfectionists. They are built with high quality materials including Korina wood for the bodies on most models and always top notch hardware (often re-engineered by Reverend to make it even better.)

Reverend Guitars are an anomaly in our industry. At a mid price point, these guitars are better than many twice their price. The fit and finish are incredible and designs are always unique, yet ultra-practical, another Reverend checklist item whenever new designs are created.

In 2017 Reverend Guitars Announces Roasted Maple Necks on all Bolt On Models

A bold move, but one that has paid off was adding roasted maple necks to almost every bol on model available.  This upgrade usually retails at $200 or more added to the rice of a guitar, but Reverend has kept it way under that price.  More stable, less susceptible to temperature and humidity, roasted maple necks simply feel broken-in right from the start.

Along with many other upgrades, Reverend Guitars are an even better value than they have been in the past, and that was a value that almost no one could beat to begin with!

Buy all of your Reverend guitars with confidence from Riff City Guitar, an official Reverend Guitar High Volume Dealer.

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