Strymon Pedals

Ahead of the curve, the highest quality, the best sounding pedals in history, so far...

Although Strymon Pedals are designed and manufactured here in the United States, they are an international success.  A massive success.  In fact, we learned of their greatness through the folks at Andertons Music in the U.K.  Funny how that works sometimes.

Strymon Pedals and power supplies, the Ojai and Zuma, use nothing but the very best components. They are designed by sound engineering geniuses (genii to be proper) and crafted by meticulous technicians before they leave the Strymon facilities. 

We have never been so impressed by any electronic product in our history as we have been with Strymon.

We ship many BigSky, BlueSky, Flint and Timeline Delays every week to satisfied customers all over the U.S.  

Let Riff City ship a Strymon Pedal to you today, so you can enjoy the pure magic yourself.



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