The Vox AC15 is a 15 watt affordable way to get that quintessential British sound!

With an unquestionable lineage, Vox amps have been delivering their incredible tone since 1958 when the first JMI AC15 won musicians and audiences with it's clarity and chime.

There was a lot more pressure developing in 1959 to deliver more volume and power the AC30 was born. For a while there was an almost never ending quest for more volume, with bigger and better amplifiers being demanded by British groups, led by the Beatles, who at the time had a deal to use Vox at live shows.

During the 70's and onwards the Vox name was by turns innovative and unreliable and a lot of musicians relied on other brands for their on stage sound. After going through several changes in ownership, Korg finally bought the Vox name in 1992 and started to reproduce what most consider to be the most faithful versions produced.

The AC15, in it's varying forms (The C1 112, C2 212, the Hand Wired series and the custom head) has become a studio favorite, renowned for it's ability to sit beautifully in the mix without taking over. Its clarity at lower volumes and it's ability to play nicely with pedals giving musicians control over their tone in the studio. It delivers the goods on stage also, sounding full and driven, helping you to keep "your tone" no matter where you play.

The Vox AC15's Class A, power amp, driven by a pair of EL84's and it's Top Boost preamp bring you right back to the start of the British Invasion and that high end detail that artists such as Tom Petty revere.

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Vox AC15

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