The iconic and incomparable Vox AC30. Setting the standard before anyone else had an idea to do so.

Initially developed to double up the power of what went before (Its little brother the AC15) the AC30 quickly became the voice of the British invasion. The increasing volume of audiences as the popularity grew of bands such as the Shadows and The Beatles forced a loudness war that Vox was happy to step into, and happened to come out on top with this amp.

A sound all of it's own

It's signature surely has to be the renowned chime and cleanliness, but with the addition of the Top Boost it knows its way around dirt, as if it invented the sound itself. It's heritage and lineage certainly are synonymous with those early British acts crossing the pond, but the AC30's popularity with many American acts shows that "that sound" wasn't just for one type of music. Tom Petty, Dave Grohl, Radiohead and Brian May have all had the AC30 at the center of their signature sound. We also read somewhere that Metallica used AC30's on their Load and Reload recordings and maybe for those that already love the blossoming grit that you can squeeze from this amp, this isn't that surprising.

It's powered by four EL84's, loaded with a pair of Celestion Greenback, or Alnico Blue speakers, has a wonderful spring reverb and a sweet sounding tremolo, comes with a true bypass effects loop and a 16 ohm output jack to run an external cab (Which is perfect for showing you just what this amp can do with any speaker you care to throw at it). It's a versatile amp and a beast of an amp; Always has been and surely always will.

Be prepared to fall in love with the Vox AC30 at Riff City Guitar!

Vox AC30

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