The incredible, all tube, little Vox AC4 giving you big boy Top Boost in a pint size amp!

Little amps are sometimes overlooked.

They can lack the power you need to make a big impact, but two things they do, both at home and in the studio that make them indispensable. The first is that the fabled "sweet spot", where all the harmonics ring true and you get that fabulous chime and detail happens at a much lower volume and secondly, in front of a mic, when you have it dimed (everything turned to 10!) and driven to it's fullest it can sound huge. In fact a lot of classic rock tracks involving "in your face" guitar tone in actual fact come from a smaller amps turned up good and loud. There really isn't a tone like it

So, enter the Vox AC4. Orginally introduced as the AC2 in 1958 with a 6.5" speaker it had a number of upgrades and changes (upgraded to an 8" speaker, renamed, breifly, the AC6) before finally getting a "traditional" Vox makeover in 1961. It completed a pretty versatile, Vox family of amps.

Since 1992 Korg have owned Vox Amplification and in recent years reitroduced the AC4 in a variety of cosmetic guises and a 10" Celestion speaker and have even released a handwired, 1 X 12" version.

4 Watt all tube, studio sized practice amp, powered with an EL84 Power tube and two 12AX7 Preamp Tubes. Loaded with either a 1 X 10" Celestion speaker, or, as in the hand wired version, a 1 X 12" Celestion Greenback, giving you all the historic tone you would expect from a Vox.

Riff City Guitar are a proud Vox dealer and have the Vox AC4 ready to buy!

Vox AC4

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