The all analogue, retro inspired Vox AV series of amps.

Vox's all analogue series has eight, all analogue pre-amp circuits, voiced individually rather than digitally modeled settings. This gives you a tone that is rich and allows you almost infinite variations.

The AV series is then loaded with 12AX7's (One in the AV15, and two - for both the pre and power amp stages - in the AV30 & AV60) to add plenty of real valve dynamics & harmonics to give an edge over traditional modeling amps. There are also switches allowing you to switch the bias between a modern, or vintage response, and a Bright/Fat switch to offer instant tonal variation.

The eight preamp circuits are divided into four groups; Clean, Crunch, OD, High Gain. Clean 1 is something akin to an American sounding 212 combo and the Clean 2 is a subtle variation on that giving a voice that's more "tweed" than "tolex. The two Crunch choices are more easily compared, as they sit more in the AC15 and AC30 vein, respectively. OD 1 & 2 offer very British "stack" choices, with OD1 offering something vintage and the OD2 a modern tone. The High Gain choices are just that, really great sounding, screaming high gain amp choices.

Each channel (A single channel on the AV15 and two channels on the AV30 & AV60) has a Gain going in to a Treble/Middle/Bass EQ section and then a Volume, that acts just like a master volume. At the end of that we have a Power control that lets you dial back the wattage to allow you the right amount of to-die-for tone at baby sleeping volumes.

There are also three very classic, analogue sounding onboard effects, with a simple "amount" knob control. There is a Chorus, Delay and Reverb that are all basic, but surprisingly usable. In the event that you use your own effects there is an effects loop in the back along with an external speaker out.

A serious range of amps, that prove themselves worthy of more than the studio, or for home, with plenty of classic Vox chime and tone and closed back thump.

The full Vox AV series is available at Riff City Guitar.

Vox AV

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