The Vox Night Train series providing classic vox chime and creamy saturation

Loosely based on Ken Fischer's now rare, Trainwreck Express amp and the AC15CC's power section, the Vox Night Train is a punchy little thing, but by no means should be passed off as insignificant. It's ability to hold its own in any situation it should find itself in... In fact, you know the opening scene of Back To The Future, where Michael J Fox plugs in to a huge wall of amps? It's like doing that only instead of being blown back through a bookcase, it just gives you a good crippling kick in the shins!

The series is built around a 15 watt combo, a 15 watt head and, the daddy, a 50 watt head. Delivering all of the classic British tone you expect from a Vox, but tucked under its belt is a surprising high gain gnarl that just soaks up humbuckers. The clean side is particularly partial to Telecaster single coils, as if Night Train and Tele met on an online instrument dating site and have their own special relationship... All the more unexpected then that Night Train finds itself having a bit of fun on the wrong side of town occasionally with Les Paul sporting a mean pair of humbuckers!

You're still reading? Ok, good! The Night Train has two EL84's in the power section and three 12AX7's in the preamp. The front panel is intuitive and clean to read and both the combo and the offered cabinets are loaded with creamy Celestion Greenback 12" speakers. The 15 watt combo and head can hold their own, but if you must have more power the 50 watt will pretty much keep up with any stack pitched against it.

The Vox Night Train series is available at Riff City Guitar

Vox Night Train

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