Introducing the Vox Starstream!

The Vox Starstream is an stunningly unique design, equipped with VET (Virtual Element Technology) which gives you a huge range of sounds that allow you to convincingly transform your electric guitar into any other string instrument, or even reproduce synth effects using their AREOS-D system which allows you to completely shape your sound.

The body is constructed from mango tonewood which is warm and resonant with a surprising sustain. It has a three-dimensional molded body frame which certainly takes you into the future, but also makes for an exceptionally comfortable guitar.

The neck is a bolt-on maple neck with a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard.

Areos-D Electronics

The Starstream is equipped with the proprietary AREOS-D system which has been developed to deliver a wide range of impressive and inventive sounds.

It gives you the opportunity to easily switch between effects, as well as the ability to modify it in real time without the useing any external pedals or computer software.

The Control Module gives you nine banks of instruments with three variations within each bank. There is also the option to store six user sounds. If that's not enough, there are five banks which give you a range of electric single coil and humbucking choices with three variations of electric 12-string guitar sounds. An additional two banks are acoustic, giving you six different guitars altogether from small-body to 12-string and nylon string instruments. The final bank gives you choices of banjo, resonator, or sitar.

There is also a bank with two types of Synthesizer (Synth and Bass Synth), which can be used with a Sustain mode which gives you a sound approaching something like an organ.

Onboard Effects

There are also plenty of onboard effects to help tailor your sound. A basic Drive / Reverb control is included so you can adjust the depth of gain or reverb in your tone in real-time. An FX button also allows you to switch the Drive / Reverb effect on and off and it has an LED status indicator. There are finally, some pretty standard Volume and Tone controls and a three-way selector switch.

All this incredible technology allows you to experiment with realistic and easily modified sounds.

Combined with all of the great Riff City value, it pays to buy a Vox Starstream here.

Vox Starstream

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