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Xotic Effects began in a small garage in southern California in the mid 90's. It all started with bass guitars and bass preamps being built by one man out of his garage. The Tri-Logic Bass Preamp was built directly into the guitars and is what set those bass guitars apart from the rest of the competition.

A few years later Xotic created the innovative Robotalk 1, a random appegiator and envelope filter. Built with highest quality parts and designed to be long lasting it quickly became a sucess, endorsed by performing musicians. It has since been reissued and continues to be a success.

The "Tremendous Trio" of the AC Booster, RC Booster and BB Preamp are some of the most popular Xotic effects available. The AC Booster delivers an astounding 20db of boost and when pushed to it's limits gives the famed TubeScreamer a run for it's money. The RC Booster gives 20db of transparent, clean boost and the BB Preamp delivers an agressive mid-range gain. It's a unique line of pedals to give a solid base to build your guitar tone.

The small footprint, single knob EP Booster is Xotic's best seller. With tone that captures the vintage sound of the classic Echoplex delay's preamp section - a sound used by many guitar greats to this day - this little fighter carries a surprising punch.

The Xotic range is ever expanding with the SP Compressor, the outstanding Xotic Wah and the SL Drive, Xotic Effects continue to build high quality, American made products that inspire creativity and provide unparalleled attention to tone. Xotic Effects, Guitars and Basses are still made in their shop in Los Angeles County, California, continuing its history of over twenty years.

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