Best Price Policy

Best Price Policy

It is our goal to ensure that all of our customers get the best price we can offer in any situation and that no one pays a different price than someone else. Some brands ask to be excluded* from any advertised discounts or code-based discounts. This may mean that you could find an item priced for less in one of our retail stores. Whenever possible we will try to apply any unpublished discounts during the checkout process, but that is not always possible. Please call 877-260-7301, text PRICECHECK to 555888 or email us if you have seen or heard of any item priced for less anywhere, or just want to double check the best price we can offer. We will verify the best price we can offer and extend that to you immediately.

Customer service hours can be found here

Please note that this policy does not apply to any of our 3rd party listings on reverb.com and eBay. See our Buy Direct page for a detailed explanation.

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