Buy and Trade Musical Instruments

We Buy and Trade Guitars and Other Music Instruments

Are you asking "Where can I sell my Guitar?" We pay cash for used guitars and other music gear

If you are looking to sell used guitars or sell used musical instruments for cash, we are happy to appraise and offer you a cash price for that gear.  We typically pay a higher rate for gear than a pawn shop because we specialize in musical instruments.  

We also trade used guitars and other used music gear.  We can trade used guitars online too, but it is a little more difficult from a logistical standpoint.

In any case, if you want to trade or sell your used guitar or gear, please stop in or call 877-260-7301.  

Our stores are located at:

708 East Elm Street in Saint Joseph, MN 56374

7508 42nd Ave N, New Hope, MN 55428

So that is the answer to your question "Where do I sell my guitar or other music gear?"