Buy Direct and Get the Best Deal!

Please Buy Your Instruments and Related Gear Direct

While we offer many of our products on 3rd party sites like Reverb.com and eBay, it is not how we prefer to work with our customers. Making your purchases directly on our site is GREATLY appreciated by our staff because it makes our job easier and we can connect with you as our customer, not just a transaction.  

In light of that appreciation there are BENEFITS to making a purchase directly instead of on a 3rd Party site.  When you buy direct from Riff City Guitar you get these exclusive benefits:

  • A FREE professional setup on any new stringed instrument over $99.  Items purchased on 3rd party sites are inspected, but shipped as they were received from the manufacturer - just as most others retailers do. 
  • Double warranty on all new regular priced items.  We take the same exact warranty given by the manufacturer and double every aspect on our dime.
  • Free Shipping on more items.  Many items that ship free when you buy directly on our site, will not have that same benefit when purchased on a 3rd party site.

While we appreciate that some shoppers prefer to do business through those 3rd party platforms, we much prefer to work directly with customers. We show our appreciation thorough these extra services and discounts.  

Please note that while shopping on 3rd party sites including Amazon, eBay, Reverb, Jet.com and others, is very convenient, these sites charge retailers up to 15% plus additional fees to get top placements in their results.  This is why the prices and services we offer on those 3rd party sites are often DIFFERENT than shopping direct.  If we are paying the fees to another party, we will not extend direct prices and services to orders placed on those 3rd party sites before or after the sale.  

If you have begun a discussion or a transaction on a 3rd party site such as reverb.com or ebay, -in fairness to that company - we ask that you follow it through on that platform.  

If you have already made a purchase and find it cheaper on our site or want the additional services, we cannot, and will not communicate with you in the 3rd party message about making that transaction direct instead. You - at 100% your own discretion - will need to cancel the sale on that 3rd party without any communication with us about it, and then place the order directly.  Once you engage us about switching, we will be bound by our agreement with that 3rd party and will be required to pay their fees no matter where the transaction happens. 

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