Charitable Contributions

Riff City Guitar is very interested in supporting causes that help the disadvantaged, as well as programs that further music education.  Because we get a lot of requests from individuals and organizations for donations, we need to consider each very carefully.

We will consider requests that: 

A.) Fill a need to help those who are disadvantaged - OR

B.) Music education programs for the general public that will allow us to gain commensurate exposure in exchange for donated items or money.

We will not consider requests for benefit events or banquets held on behalf of individuals, as we feel that we cannot support them all, so we do not want to unfairly pick and choose.  

If you would like Riff City to consider your request, please forward the following information to the email address here

  1. Legal name of the organization and any corporate status that may apply (i.e. 501(c)(3)), or the recognized organizations name if not incorporated. 
  2. A website link to the organizations page if available.
  3. What you would like from Riff City Guitar- donated gear, rental gear, monetary donations or volunteers.
  4. Indicate if the organization is strictly volunteer, or if staff, including Board Members and Directors, are paid. Please include the % of all administrative costs relative to the overall income of the entity.  Feel free to include a few years of information if the latest year is an aberration.  Or send a link to an annual report if available.
  5. Tell us exactly how our donation will help the actual recipients of the organizations efforts.
  6. If recognition will be given to Riff City please tell us how that will happen.  While recognition is not necessary when the cause is for the disadvantaged, it is appreciated.

We will try to respond within 14 days.  If the donation is needed sooner than that, please let us know the deadline for our potential contribution.

Thank you for considering Riff City Guitar for your cause!