Good Vibes, Great Relationships Policy

Good Vibes

At Riff City Guitar we want nothing more than to do GREAT business with GREAT customers.  It is always our intention to make sure you have a great experience when dealing with our company and our people.  Everyone here is on the same page when it comes to helping our customers - we try to exceed all expectations in every encounter we have with each and every customer.  We want to send out "Good Vibes" so we get "Good Vibes" in return.

  • We try to ship as accurately and as quickly as we can, always aiming to exceed the shipping times published on our shipping page.
  • We try to answer calls and tickets as soon as possible with the staff available.
  • We want to fix any issues that may arise as quickly and conveniently as we can to make sure you come back and buy again.
  • We try to be as competitively priced on any items we have. 

You can have confidence that we would never intentionally send you the wrong item, anything that was defective, or try to deceive you in any way.

In return we ask that you approach our staff in a respectful and courteous manner, knowing it is our utmost goal to help you get exactly what you are looking for at a price that works for both of us with no issues to deal with after the fact...and if there are any issues, we WILL fix the problem...if you will allow us...and if you are respectful in your approach.

  • If a problem arises, please give us the benefit of the doubt knowing we will happily go above and beyond to fix the problem.
  • If we do not have the best price on an item, or the price you desire, or we decline to match an offer you provide, please understand that we make those decisions based on many factors and you should never take it personally.  

Any customer that approaches any situation with respect and "good vibes" will get the very best treatment and resolution our company can possibly provide.  That is a promise!

Great Relationships

In addition to that, we also want to foster GREAT RELATIONSHIPS that work for both parties.  Sometimes, we may not be each others "cup-of-tea" and that is ok!  

If we are not your "cup-of-tea," we want to know, and will always work to change that, because we want more customers.  However, we are not looking to sell gear at any cost.  So we may choose to end the relationship from our end if we feel that it's not in our best business or "good vibe" interest.

Here are some reasons we may choose to decline your future business:

  • Disrespectful communication, including sarcastic, strong or vulgar language
  • Too many returns relative to other orders placed
  • Stating an item is defective when, after our inspection, it is determined not to be
  • Frequently stating dissatisfaction with our products or polices, yet continuing to purchase from us
  • Damaging an item to render it defective for return purposes 
  • Giving bad ratings/reviews that are not true or accurate
  • Getting angry or sarcastic if we choose not to match a price or accept an offer you have put forth
  • Buying mainly for the purpose of reselling products.  Using our proprietary images, copy and other assets
  • Any deceptive or dishonest practice that, in our discretion, we determine is not good for our business

In these situations our staff has been instructed to de-prioritize solutions and not exercise any discretionary decision-making regarding policies.  Our goal will be to solve the problem and move on, declining to do business in the future.  

And to reiterate, on the contrary, any customer that approaches our staff with "Good Vibes" will be met with exceptional and highly prioritized communication and solutions to any situation that is brought to our attention.

We truly thank you for your business and hope to have you as customer for many, many years!

 the Riff City Crew