Guitar Repair at Riff City Guitar & Music Company

Guitar Repair and Lutherie Services

Specializing in Guitar, Mandolin and all stringed instrument repair

Riff City Guitar has a rich history of guitar repair and professional lutherie services. In each of our communities, we offer the best and most experienced talent repairing guitars and other stringed instruments. Our staff has years of collective experience in building, set-ups, installations, and other repairs. Bring your instruments to any of our three locations for a quality repair experience.

Andrew Ogilvie 

Store Location: New Hope, MN

Andrew is a graduate of Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical with diplomas in Guitar Repair and Building, Guitar Development and Production, and a certificate in Electric Guitar Building. One of Andrew's favorite repairs to perform is installing acoustic pickups. He says, "they're one of the easiest upgrades you can make to an acoustic." He also enjoys minor finish touch-ups, such as aiding dents, chips, or scratches. His favorite instruments to perform repairs on include anything folk (especially mandolins), but he also really enjoys working on vintage gear. Aside from the repairs mentioned above, and many more, Andrew is very strong at a full fret level, crown, and polish. 

John Leach

Store Location: St. Joseph, MN

John studied instrument repair under his late father Richard Leach, one of the most renowned luthiers in Minnesota. He now continues his studies under one of Rick's mentors, luthier and builder Kevin Schwab. John also does most of the inspection and setup work on the instruments shipped from our headquarters, just minutes away from our Saint Joseph store. His favorite instrument to perform repairs on is the electric guitar, and he likes doing fretwork such as leveling/re-crowning. He feels his strengths are in electric guitar setups and pickup installs, and says "it's always a fun challenge making the pickup fit just right." 

Call us at 877-260-7301 for more details, schedules, and rates for each community.