Music Lessons at Riff City Guitar

Music lessons at Riff City Guitar

Why lessons at Riff City Guitar?

Riff City Guitar & Music Company has professional and experienced music teachers in each of our locations. We pride ourselves in providing the best teachers in each community, all being qualified, respected and verified as professionals in their area of musical instrument expertise.

Guitar Lessons

Learn the guitar riffs that make you say "yeah!" Become versed in music theory, read guitar notes and scales by traditional sheet music or by guitar tabs.  Whichever method suits you, we can help!  Learn to play guitar in a fun but technically sound way.  

Bass Lessons

Ah, the completely misunderstood bass player...key to the rhythm section and the band,  the world could use more bass players!  Let Riff City Guitar help you learn to play bass the right way.  Learn the right bass techniques, learn how to read sheet music, bass charts or bass tabs.

Piano and Keyboard Lessons

Call us at 877-260-7301 for more details, schedules and rates for each community