Return Policy
A NOTE ABOUT RETURNS: Returns are an expensive part of any online business. So to help us keep prices competitive, should you have any questions or curiosity about a product's specs, compatibility or quality level, please email us before you place your order. We want you to be happy and excited to get your new item and a quick question may go a long way to ensure that happens and that you don't spend time trying to ship something back.

New & Preowned Items - We have a 3 day return policy for any sealed or unopened items. New items that have been tried and returned may be subjected to a restocking fee if not exchanged for another item of the same value or more. A pre-paid courtesy return label may be provided by us for a return, however the cost of the return shipping, as well as any shipping costs incurred on the original shipment which were part of any Free Shipping promotion will be deducted from any refund total or exchange difference.

Items marked "All Sales Final"- these items have no return policy. The items are guaranteed to work as described and defective items can be returned for a full refund within 3 days from receiving the item. However, general dissatisfaction with the item or the item's relative value for the price will not be acceptable reasons for return.

Cases- Cases are not returnable unless severely damaged or blemished. The nature of a case is to protect what's in it, and in essence to absorb the contact and suffer the marring. Many cases come to us from the manufacturer with some wear, simply from sliding in an out of the outer carton. They can also be easily blemished during the shipping process. Latches, particularly on cases under $150 are also rarely perfect, and not a returnable as a defect under our policy. They can usually be corrected with slight adjustments. Stitching on tolex-type cases will vary, and you may get a case with a less than perfect stitch pattern. We will not send you a case with a major scuff, or a latch that does not work, or a stitch that is not performing its duty...we promise. However if small blemishes or imperfections will cause you to be disappointed, we recommend you buy your case from a local retailer where you can inspect it before buying.

Some other items are not returnable if opened, including personal items such as Harmonicas, Microphones, Earbuds, etc. Also any item that requires installation or assembly, such as pickups, stands or benches, once opened are no longer returnable. Any software or recording gear that includes software is not returnable once opened.

The Inherent Challenges of Buying and Selling Guitars Online

The reality is that no guitar is perfect and each buyer has a different set of expectations, tastes and preferences. If you are extremely sensitive, have no tolerance for any aberration or slight imperfection, or typically have had difficulty finding a guitar that "feels right" we highly suggest buying a guitar in person. We cannot promise you a 100% pristine guitar in every way because they are made from raw materials that vary and are manufactured with processes that are also imperfect at times. We never ship anything that is defective or evidently undesirable- we ship those back to the manufacturer. Again, our reviews will back that up. Very few people are disappointed with our selection of guitars, however, we cannot promise a perfect guitar in absolutely every aspect. Saying so would set an unobtainable expectation.

We do inspect the guitars before they leave. We pack them for the safest travel possible and provide tracking information to your email address or phone. However some things still remain outside of our control. Guitars are made of wood and wood can change as temperature and humidity change during travel. This can still leave the potential for some adjustment when it arrives, although that is not common.

When Other Issues Arise
If an issue of any kind appears, a call or email to us should be your first move. It is in our best interest to make sure you have a great experience so you come back to us in the future, so we will want to help. However we ask that you approach our staff with the understanding that we may need to work together to solve some issues and give our staff a respectful opportunity to do so. Angry and disrespectful calls will be met only with our willingness to help you return the item and move on.

Where shipping issues are concerned, please note that we have no more control over the shipping company than you. That being said, we will do everything in our power to help you get your item on time and in perfect condition.

Sometimes when you buy an item without seeing, touching or playing it, you may be disappointed when you get it. We will again help you to solve any issue within our control, or help you return the item. However, unhappiness with an item's overall quality will not be considered a product defect as there are many quality levels of products available. If you have any question about whether or not a product will meet your quality expectation, again, please contact us before you order. 

We reserve the right to enforce this policy solely at our discretion.

We also ask that you not place an order with the intention to return it.

Defective Item Returns
If an item needs to be returned because it's actually defective or damaged, call us to discuss the resolution. Defective items will be handled differently than basic returns.

Do not attempt to repair the item before we have had a chance to assess the situation. Removing parts including covers or making adjustments yourself before contacting us may result in restocking fees and we may likely refuse to accept the item as a return.

Frequent use of the return policy/frequent dissatisfaction with our products and services may result in the disabling of an account, or our willingness to continue to do business.

Please also see our Good Vibes, Great Relationships Policy here

How do I return a Product?
Please first read the above Return Policy to see if your item can be returned. Next, email our service department or call 877-260-7301 to obtain an RMA number. Once you have that number you can pack the item up exactly as it was delivered to you and either use the prepaid courtesy return label or send it to one of the following addresses yourself:

If by Mail - RMA#__________, Riff City Guitar, PO Box 500, Saint Joseph MN 56374

If by FedEx, UPS or other Carrier - RMA#__________, Riff City Guitar, 641 15th Ave NE, Saint Joseph MN 56374


Items sent back without an RMA number may be rejected or will be subject to an automatic $10 administration fee in addition to any restocking fees
You must insure the item for its full value
Defective items will be handled differently than basic returns- call for details
Returning an item as "defective"that is not found to not be defective when it arrives may result in the disabling of your account
If your Item Arrived Damaged-Save All Proof of Damage!
IMPORTANT- We need your help to get any shipping damage claims. If you throw away the proof of damage we CANNOT make a claim and will NOT be able to issue ANY credits or refunds!

If damage has occurred during shipping it is important that you keep all packaging and signs of damage. You must call us immediately upon discovering any damage or defectiveness. Calls made after 24 hours of delivery will not be considered for damage claim assistance, and you will need to work with the carrier directly to receive any claim. Damaged items that are not identified and reported to us within 24hours of delivery will not be returnable.