Welcome!  I want to take a minute to tell you about Riff City Guitar & Music Company.  Our company was born to serve the needs of musicians locally as well as across the country.  We hope we can provide you with all of the information, selection and customer service that you need to fulfill your musical wishes!  We would be honored to call you a Riff City customer for life! 

The original (and only) Riff City store is located in a small community in the heart of Minnesota-an area rich with musical talent and supportive collaboration.  We stock the store with everything local musicians want as well as provide a wide selection of other music products here on our e-commerce portal.  That way we can serve the widest group of musicians possible.

Riff City Guitar is ALWAYS an authorized dealer of any product we sell, so you can rest assured that warranties and other support will never be denied.  We stock everything ourselves, in our own warehouse unless we clearly state otherwise in each product you select.  We do have some drop shipping arrangements with the manufacturers and may deliver the product from the factory direct to you in some cases.  We will also make items available for special order if we don't stock a particular color or configuration of instrument.  Again, we pledge to make that clear when you order.  Riff City Guitar is a real company with real people, eager to help you find and purchase what you are looking for.  Please don't be afraid to ask if we have something, or can order it, if you don't see in the store or on the website.

As the owner of Riff City Guitar, you have my pledge that you will be happy with your purchase or we will give you your money back.  I know our team is dedicated to helping you to make the right purchase and following up with world-class service.  Thank you so much for taking time to read this letter and for shopping with us at Riff City Guitar & Music Company.


Joe Leach 

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