Why Buy Here

Why Buy from Riff City Guitar and Music Outlet?

Our "Why Buy Here" program sums it up quite nicely:

Our 5-Star Promise is that we will do everything in our reasonable power to get a 5-Star review in every aspect of every order you ever place with us. From making your purchase experience easy and enjoyable, to lightning fast shipping, to providing the best customer service in the business. The following are just some of the world class services we provide:

FREE Shipping on on any item, any time within the contiguous US....well most of the time.  Exclusions usually include heavy items, pre-owned and special order items. These exclusions are very minimal and extremely economical.  Also some brands including Strymon do not ship free. 

In-Stock Guarantee. If you can order it, we can ship it! We promise not to take your payment and THEN tell you we don't have it. We promise to ship your order within 48 hours of your purchase* OR we give you $10 to spend on anything on our site. Please note that some items may be special order or may have special shipping conditions, but we promise to make that clear before you place your order.We stock nearly everything we sell in our own warehouse, and direct ship the rest right from the manufacturer. But in any case, we promise we can ship it in 48 hours* or we give you $10 to spend on our site for free...no matter if you cancel the order or not!

Riff Rewards= FREE GEAR! No other music website gives you points on EVERY purchase that can be turned into “In-Store Cash” which you can turn into... FREE GEAR! It's automatic, you don't need to sign up for ANYTHING (however you will need to have an account...anonymous checkouts will not allow us to track your rewards.) Once you've made a purchase you can view your rewards under "My Account." To learn more about redeeming points, see our Riff Reward detail page.

PLUS! Rewards members (essentially anyone who spends $250 or more a year with us) get special notices, bonus rewards and extra discount opportunities througout the year by way or our Riff Rewards Featured Items section.

FREE Professional Setup on any ($99 plus) stringed instrument you buy ($40 to $80 value.) Most people are not aware that most guitars, basses, ukeleles and other stringed instruments are NOT SHIPPED from the manufacturer in READY TO PLAY condition. So we take this necessary step to get your instrument in TOP playing condition before you get it. 

Make sure wherever you buy your instrument from (and we hope it's here,) that the company can properly set your instrument up. This ensures 2 things. 1.) That you will enjoy playing your instrument from the beginning and 2.) That the store you are buying from is a genuine music retailer and not just an online instrument broker- unable to provide the service you deserve. Please note, not generally, but sometimes this can cause a 1 day delay on shipping, but you can also choose not to have us setup your instrument by calling or adding a comment in your order. 

And there's more....

In addition to all of that FREE stuff, you are buying your instrument or accessories from a real hometown music store at big box store pricing. Because we are owned by Overstock Management Group, LLC, we can buy in high volume and match the big box store prices, but because everything at Riff City is centered around our retail store, you get one-on-one service with our salespeople who will know who you are, and care deeply about your satisfaction. 

We have one of the best luthiers in the country working on setups and repair. 

We will knock ourselves out finding what you want if we don’t have it. Special orders are no problem. We often open new lines with suppliers, just to get one customer the gear they need- at a price they can afford. 

YOU can talk to the owner of Riff City Guitar if you ever need additional help or if you are not happy with anything- just call 1-877-260-7301, dial any extension and say, “ I’m a customer, I want to talk to Joe.” It’s that easy! 

*Based on an 11AM CST Cutoff time each day.

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