Martin Titanium Core Acoustic Guitar Strings

Product Code: 41MTC160

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Martin introduces a set of Titanium Core strings that will enhance any acoustic guitar player's experience with its patented technology and proprietary winding process. These strings offer enhanced playability, endurance, longevity and tone with their consistent wrapping. Get more tuning stability than any other string on the market, as well as natural corrosion resistance due to the combination of titanium and nickel used. They are even easier to press down on, reducing finger fatigue.

Features & Technical Specs:

  • Weight: 23.44 (A), 23.34 (B), 28.68 (G), 29.65 (D), 29.18 (A), 25.91 (E)
  • Instrument: Acoustic Guitar
  • Tension: 160.2
  • Core Material: Titanium
  • Wind Material: Nickel Wrap
  • Coated: No
  • Wind Type: Round Wound
  • Number of Sets: 1