Mesa 6V6S GTA STR 417 Power Tube Matched Duet

Product Code: 750620D

Mesa power tubes are among the highest quality tubes available for your amps. They deliver exceptional, full-range tonal quality, as well as consistency and reliability. Use these tubes not only for your Mesa, but for other amps as well!

The 6V6S GTA STR 417 is the "little brother" of the 6L6 and delivers classic American tube tone. Sweet and bubbly, these power tubes deliver deep bass, spacious, shimmery highs, and articulate midrange. 

Riff City Guitar is an authorized Mesa Boogie dealer. We do not ship Mesa Boogie outside of the United States.

Features & Technical Specs:

  • Matched pair of 6V6S GTA STR 417 power tubes
  • Mesa quality - consistent and reliable 
  • Works in any amplifier - not just Mesa