Thalia Santos Rosewood Tri-Pick - 1.4mm - Tin of 13

Product Code: CTN-PT-PTRIP-14-13

Thalia Santos Rosewood picks are made in the USA from 100% Santos Rosewood. They are crafted by slicing micro-thin layers of exotic wood, then bonding them back together with the grain in a crosshatch pattern. This creates a very thin, flexible, yet durable wooden pick with a warm tone that sounds great with every use. The 0.9mm picks are made with 2 layers of wood, while the 1.4mm picks are made with 3 layers. The 0.9mm is flexible and functionally similar to a Fender Medium, and for players who like flex in their pick. If you are a hard strummer, we would recommend going up to the 1.4mm. The 1.4mm picks don't have any flex and will develop a beveled edge as you play with them to adapt to your picking style.

This is a single Thalia Santos Rosewood Tri-Pick in 1.4mm thickness. 

Features & Technical Specs:

  • Shape: Tri-Pick
  • Thickness: 1.4mm
  • Single pick
  • Made from 100% Santos Rosewood
  • Crafted with micro-thin layers of exotic wood 
  • Delivers beautiful, warm tone
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