Toca Freestyle Frame Drums - 3 Pack with Bag

Product Code: TFD-3PK

Toca Freestyle Frame Drums - 3 Pack

These Toca Frame Drums are great for adding some spice to your set, or teaching children in early childhood education.  They are lightweight and extremely durable, with a PVC shell and an all-weather synthetic head.  The pack includes a 8", 10" and 12" drums, and a padded carry bag for protection and easy transportation.

 Features & Technical Specs:

  • Lightweight, extremely durable PVC shell with an all-weather synthetic head
  • Ideal for early childhood education
  • Consists of 8”, 10” & 12” drums
  • Comes with padded carrying bag

Shop Riff City Guitar for the Toca Freestyle Frame Drums.  Come in a 3 pack with a bag.